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A Bunny And His Eggs

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A Bunny And His Eggs

This whole Easter Bunny thing is kind of crazy if you stop to think about it. I remember the first time I saw the Cadbury Bunny clucking like a chicken. I think I was in college and my sister and I were watching TV. Maybe we were just overly tired, but we could not stop laughing at a clucking rabbit. 

Well, this bunny doesn't cluck but it is super cute. These were a Chics With Tools Workshop last year and thought I would show you how we made them.


1 1" X 10" X 6' board




Dowel rods cut to about 3"


Glue or nail gun


  • Make a pattern. I looked at a bunch of clipart then made my own pattern. I wanted the bunny to be able to sit without assistance with chubby hind legs. For that you need a main body, hind legs, and an egg.
  • Cut the pattern out of poster board or card stock.
Easter Bunny pattern
  • Trace the pattern onto the board. Be sure to do two hind legs and at least four eggs.
  • Cut the pieces out with a band saw or jig saw.

Pieces of Wooden Easter Bunny

  • Sand the rough edges and round them over a little.


  • Stain each piece. This is sort of a base coat.

Staining wood

  • With white paint, dry brush all of the pieces on all sides. You do this by having only a small amount of paint on a totally dry brush. Rub any excess paint off on a piece of paper or scrap wood. Then loosely brush on the wood.

Dry brush

  • If you have an area that is supposed to be rounded, brush in a circles, following the contours of the piece. This is especially important on the thighs of the bunny.

contoured paint

  • Continue using the dry brush technique and paint the eggs. If desired, add some shadows and highlights to make everything seem more three-dimensional.
  • Drill holes in the bottoms of the eggs. Doing the same in the bottom of the bunny is optional.

hole in wooden egg

  • Line up the main body with a board topped by one leg. The point here is that when assembled, you want the piece to stand on its own without wobbling.
  • Either glue or nail it together. Turn it over and repeat with the other leg. 
nailing wooden bunny together


  • If you want the bunny and eggs to be one unit, attach the eggs to the body of the bunny and each other. 

Wooden Easter Bunny

  • If you want to display yours in a container, do the following:
  • Fill your container with floral foam.
  • Add the dowel rods to the eggs ( and bunny).

dowel in wooden egg

  • Put bunny and eggs in the floral foam.
  • Cover the oasis with green or Spanish moss.

Wooden Easter Bunny with Eggs

  • Display these cuties on the table, sideboard, front door, or fireplace and enjoy!

Wooden Easter Bunny

So as you can tell, these are not complicated nor expensive. Give one a try and when you do, show me on our Facebook page.

Finished wooden Eggs

 By the way, these would look great in our Triple Brick Mold.

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