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Super Quick Fabric Wreaths

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Super Quick Fabric Wreaths

Do you just love using things up? From leftover food to craft supplies, I get a little rush when a use up the last of an item I have been holding onto, especially if something special comes as a result.

I adore fabric. In fact I could own a fabric store. I'm sort of a junkie, really. Anyway, a while back I cut fabric scraps into strips 4" wide. I made some quilts and other projects from them and was left with a few bits. This week I decided to put them to use making fall wreaths, one for a young friend, and one for Century View Lodge. 

There are at least four advantages to this project:

  1. It is thin so can fit between a door and storm or screen door.
  2. It is lightweight so hanging it is a breeze.
  3. It is inexpensive, using minimal materials.
  4. It is fast, only taking about an hour, start to finish.

Now you may use ribbon for this. I used just a bit. But fabric is much more cost effective and there are thousands of beautiful and fun patterns. Go crazy!

Here's how to make one for yourself (or a friend or two).



  • 18" wire wreath frame
Wire wreath frame
  • 32-40 2" strips of fabric that are 20-22" long, If the fabric is very thick, use longer pieces. Choose different patterns and colors in multiples of 4, ie: 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, etc.
Fabric strips
  • 6-8 4" x 45" strips of burlap or other neutral fabric
Burlap strips


Start by tucking one end of a strip of burlap under and over the wire frame on the back side. This is just to secure the end.
    Cloth wreath
    Wrap the strip around the frame, overlapping each time. Each piece should cover 1/4-1/3 of the frame.
    Fabric wreath 
    As one piece ends, overlap it with a new piece and continue.
    Fabric wreath
    Wrap the whole wreath frame twice with the burlap strips.
    While holding the loose end, tie the first strip of colored fabric to secure it in place, using a square knot.
    Fabric wreath
    Tie four of one pattern/color on the wreath, equally spaced, dividing the wreath into quarters.
    Fabric Wreath
    Fill in the spaces by finding the center of the quarters and tying strips on. Then continue by adding strips to the in-between spaces, working all four quarters at once.
    Fabric wreath

    The Results!

    Fabric Wreath
    Notice that the pattern is the same all the way around. Be sure to use contrasting  fabrics between similar colors, ie: the pink and brown is between the orange patterns.
    Fabric wreath
    These are for fall. I already have one for the Fourth of July. The options are endless so give it a try! If you make one, please send me a photo!

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