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An Unexpected Jewelry Display

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An Unexpected Jewelry Display

A while ago when we did Framing With Friends, I gave my ladies the option of bringing in a frame that needed some help. My friend, Sue, brought with her a very interesting piece she had found at Reuse The Past, our local architectural salvage place. We weren’t sure what it originally was but I am guessing it was the top of a sideboard and maybe originally had mirror in it. Anyway, she had this great idea to turn it into a necklace holder for her daughter.

This was my kind of project because it was really fast and simple. So here is what we did.

  • We took the back off and the dividers out. Take a look at those little pieces, by the way. Super ornate! Gorgeous!

  • Then Sue decided how wide she wanted it and how deep the little shelf would be.

  • We cut down the back piece, dividers, and frame accordingly.

  • We reattached the back.

  • Then we attached the old bottom trim piece to create the shelf.

  • Next, Sue glued the dividers back down.

  • She freshened it up with some stain.

The last step was to add some hooks to hold necklaces, which she did at home.

As you can see, it turned out really cute AND it’s really functional. As you can imagine, her daughter loved it!

Well, done, Sue!

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