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Couples Getting Organized

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Couples Getting Organized

In honor of the month of love, for the first time ever, we offered a Chics With Tools for couples. The project? A modular wall organizer. Heidi and Brent were the inaugural couple. (This was actually her idea.) It was a great bonding experience that yielded a very tangible result. Read on to find out how to make one of these incredibly versatile projects for yourself.


Cut the following pieces of wood:

8- 1”x4”x12 ¾”

8 -1”x4”x18 ¾

1-12”x18” ½” plywood

1-12”x18” chalkboard paneling

1- 1”x 6”x 12”

1-1”x6”x11 15/16”

1-1”x2 1/8”x12”

Other Materials:

1 12”x18” cork

1 magnetic catch

5 cup hooks

power strip



  • Mark holes in the small, narrow piece of wood for charging cords. Use drill press to make the holes.
  • Mark the holes for the cup hooks in a short frame piece. Drill pilot holes using cordless drill.
  • Using the drill press and 1 1/8" Forstner bit, make a hole for the power strip.

  • Using the plywood as a template, cut the corkboard with a box knife.
  • Sand off any rough edges and wipe off dust.
  • Using a rag, lightly stain the wood, wiping off excess.

  • Using 1”, 18-gauge nails, tack the frame to the ½” plywood.
  • Connect the frame pieces to each other at the corners with 1 ½” nails.
  • For the charging station, insert small piece with holes. Using 1 ½” nails, attach it to the frame, 3” from the bottom.

  • Attach magnetic catch to the charging station unit.
  • Attach piece for inbox".
  • Using construction adhesive, attach chalk board panel and cork board.
  • Screw in cup hooks.
  • If time allows, stencil labels may be added.
  • Nail components together if hanging as a single unit. Otherwise, attach hanging hardware.

There you have it: marital bonding and a home improvement project, all in the space of two hours!


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