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Make A Wreath From Anything, Even Matchbox Cars

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Make A Wreath From Anything, Even Matchbox Cars

Our home is pretty over-the-top when it comes to Christmas decorations. Not that we needed one more thing, but I made yet another wreath. This time it was for Child #3 who thought he should have one on his door. Since I wanted to show you how I make wreaths, I thought I would use the opportunity to show you. 

I want to be clear that I didn't buy a thing. Everything I used was already in the house and either repurposed or leftover from other projects. This one happens to be with Matchbox-type cars but you seriously could use anything. If I were doing one for Child #2, I would perhaps incorporate book pages, sheet music, scripts, or art supplies. If doing one for Child #1, it could be all about Star Wars or fishing. The youngest would appreciate balls or baby dolls. Notice in no instance did I say Christmas ornaments, but you can definitely use those too. 

Christmas ornaments and picks
To get started, I rummaged through my son's room and gathered about 25 vehicles. I was open to anything but after looking at his toys, the cars seemed to be the best choice, albeit a bit young for a 16 year-old. But I knew he didn't need them anymore which made them perfect. 
Toy cars and trucks
Next,  I chose what kind of ribbon I wanted to use. There was some already left on the wreath which I liked. Then I added the same ribbon from my son's Christmas tree and some blue with glitter to add shine and to tie in with the colorful cars. I also had just enough red beads on hand to add some extra bling. So what if he's a boy? It's Christmas! 
Colorful wired ribbon

The only other materials I used were good fabric scissors, floral wire, and wire cutters.

Scissors, floral wire, wire cutters
If you decide to make your own wreath, which I hope you do,  follow this order to assemble it.

  1. Attach beading.
  2. Cut ribbons into strips about 12-14" long, with angled ends. Space them around the wreath and tie them in place.
  3. Gather about 25 cars and disburse them around the wreath alternating colors and balancing sizes.
  4. Wire the cars into place.
  5. Add a festive bow.
  6. Hang the wreath in a place  of pride.

Now you are thinking, 'What kind of blog is this? She didn't explain anything!' Hey, I've got your back! Sometimes a video is the best way to demonstrate so I made one for you. 



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