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Just Had To Have It

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Just Had To Have It

Have you ever just had to buy something that spoke to you?  Maybe you needed it, maybe not.

When we purchased Century View Lodge in Blue Ridge, we had to furnish it top to bottom which was the perfect opportunity to shop second hand and succumb to my need to have what spoke to me. Such was the case with one of the first purchases, a small occasional table I found at a thrift store. It was solid wood, I loved the legs, and I knew it could be used as an end table or nightstand. Plus, who can argue with $20?  


End Table


After we purchased a few more items, I realized that the direction I needed to go would be a little unconventional. I decided to make two nightstands out of the one table for our Toccoa Suite.  It was not rocket-science and this concept can be applied to any size table. So, if you find yourself with a similar item that you want to make smaller or turn into two matching pieces, here is how to go about it.


Using a circular saw and straight-edge clamp, cut your table in half.


End Table


At this point you will notice that you have two tables that can’t stand. Time to make more legs. You may have noticed before that on furniture that goes against a wall, in particular, often, the legs in the rear are straight or a simpler version of the front ones. In my case, I wanted the legs curved but did not have the skills to make the carved detail present in the original table.


If you want to make yours similar to the existing legs, trace the original legs onto lumber that matches their dimensions then cut them out with a band saw or jig saw.


Making  legs


To make the legs all uniform and to speed up the sanding process, tape all of the legs together and sand the whole unit at once.


table Legs


Using a Kreg pocket screw jig, attach the legs to the side of the table at the top.


New table legs


For stability, attach a cleat on the inside.




Add a cross piece at the bottom so legs don’t wobble. Use pocket screws to attach it to the legs. In my case this was very necessary so I could keep the decorative piece that was part of the original design.


Night stands


Sand the table for finishing.

Paint and/or stain the table.


Night stand


Get glass cut to protect the top. This is definitely optional but a great idea for a short-term rental.


Night stand


Ta-dah! Done!

I love these little nightstands because besides being cute, they are low profile and light weight. So, when we need rearrange the furniture to make the king bed into two twins, it’s super easy.




I encourage you to give this a try! Do you need a couple of desks? Find an old dining table and go to town! If you have any questions, reach out. If you want to see these in person, book a stay at Century View Lodge!






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